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Taylors Home Heating History

In 1942, Socony Vacuum of New Jersey sold the petroleum bulk plant located on Linden Ave. in Cooperstown to William L. and Grace Taylor. With this sale, W.L. Taylor and Son was founded and remains the oldest operating Home Heating Company in the area today. Their son Robert W. Taylor joined the family business in 1954 and assumed all responsibility in 1971. In 1979, Robert opened the first convenience store in Richfield Springs and then went on to open 5 more convenience stores throughout the years. In 1992 upon Robert’s death, his wife Carol and son Christopher Taylor assumed all responsibilities for the family business. Upon Carol Taylor’s retirement, Christopher Taylor assumed ownership and continues to run the business with the same traditions and values that have been in his family for three generations.

How does this history benefit our customers? First, Chris Taylor as well as most of our employees was born and raised in Cooperstown or the local area and played on the same streets and houses that are now owned by your family and friends. This in depth knowledge allows us to help our customers with decisions that need to be made regarding heating your home. In many cases we can provide usage history, updates and renovations that may have been made or that need to be made.

Chris still lives in Cooperstown and takes pride in doing his part to protect our environment as well as provide support for community needs. Keeping with his father’s and grandfather’s traditions; Chris is very hands-on and because he prefers to be out of the office when possible, you can find him on any given day driving transport truck, working in the back garage or at one of the stores improving and updating.

We look forward to serving you, not only as a customer but as an extended family member because you live where we live and you can expect that we will take care of your family’s home heating needs as if you were our neighbors, because that is what you are.