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Payment Programs

Taylors Heating Payment Programs

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of the year. The result is convenient, moderate bills spaced throughout the year instead of concentrated costs only during the winter months. This payment method helps to make heating bill payments more manageable and helps organize your budget by putting your monthly heating bills in line with other monthly utility bills.

Pre-Buy Plan

Our Pre-Buy Plan allows you to purchase your estimated annual gallons at a low, pre-season rate and adds convenience to your fuel ordering. You will gain peace of mind with Taylors taking care of when to place a fuel order or if the price of fuel increases. If the market price of oil increases during the season, this will not affect your price. Plan ahead with our Pre-Buy Plan and enjoy peace of mind this winter!

Call our office at (607) 547-9944 to learn more about signing up for our Budget Plan or Pre-Buy Plan!