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The TankSure® Program

Taylors Heating Tanksure Program

Included in all of our annual tune-ups is a valuable oil tank test and warranty program called the TankSure® Program.

The TankSure® Program enables us to evaluate the safety and integrity of your aboveground heating oil tank using an EPA approved ultrasonic tank test. Using the program’s testing technology, we detect the level of corrosion inside your oil tank and predict the likelihood of your tank needing future replacement. This annual tank test is important for your home comfort, our environment, and your investment in your home.

  • Qualifying tanks receive a $1,000 tank replacement payment toward the cost of a tank replacement.
  • Using the TankSure® Program’s EPA approved ultrasonic testing technology, our technicians detect the level of corrosion inside your oil tank.
  • This service helps protect your home (your biggest investment), your property, and our environment. Proactive replacement can help avoid costly remediation expenses.
  • Included is an inspection of common tank components such as your tank’s legs, seams, fill and vent pipe, oil line, and vent whistle.
  • An ultrasonic inspection of your tank wall’s thickness evaluates when a proactive replacement is necessary BEFORE your tank leaks.
  • Aboveground tanks that do not qualify for the TankSure® Program will receive a proactive tank replacement coupon of $200.

For more information, call our office at (607) 547-9944 or visit www.tanksure.com.