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Customer Testimonials

“My husband and I broke down on the way back home to Mass and had limited funds – Shelly and the girls made us very comfortable and did everything they could to help us find someone to get us on the road – at the end of our ordeal it was Shelly’s husband that fixed our car and got us back on the road and would not except any payment — God bless them all and I take back everything I’ve ever said about rude New Yorkers.”
-Dawn, Taylors customer

“Great place to get the things I need after work without the hustle and bustle of village traffic – the manager and staff are courteous and eager to please.”
-Taylors customer

“The girls are good to look at, the coffee tastes good, and the workers always give a good laugh!”
-Neil Tombs, Taylors customer

“I like coming to Taylors because I can have a seat in the booth, chit chat, have a cup of coffee and Danish, and there is never a rush to get me out of the store.”
-Al, Taylors customer

“I come for lunch everyday, there is always something different to try.”
-Mark, Taylors customer

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